Shots for fun with Bows n’ Arrows!

shots for fun with bows n arrows feature

‘T’chi!’ that’s the sound an arrow makes when it’s shot.

And usually when you’re watching a movie & someone gets shot by an arrow.. Uh.. you just know that isn’t a happy ending because “somebody gonna get hurt!” XD

But in our office when you hear an arrow going off, it’s usually followed by either of these reactions:

– Goofy giggles!

– Jumping out of shock!

– And this one is for the brave ones… More arrows and a cross fire. 😉

Nah, we don’t hate each other, we just use it to….

– Grab the attention of someone who is ‘zoned in’


– To kill… nobody but time

Oh! There’s one face-off when two of the girls tried to shoot their arrows at the perfect time so they could collide..

But instead, this arrow shot was followed by one “Ouch!”

Yeah there’s been no casualties because people are only allowed to die ‘laughing’ here. 🙂

shots for fun with bows n arrows all the arrows

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