How to evaluate a CRM Software


How to Evaluate a CRM Software 2017


If you are looking to buy a CRM software for your business, these are some pointers to help you:

11 Questions to ask while evaluating a CRM:

1. Does the CRM have features that satisfy your needs?

2. Does the CRM adjust with your business cycle?

3. Will the CRM enable you to measure critical business parameters? Like sales, incoming deals, bounced leads, won deals, lost deals, etc.

4. Does the CRM have the ability to scale in terms of the user base and technology for the next 5 years?

5. Does the CRM have measures to keep your data secure?

6. Is the CRM simple to understand and easy to use? Does it have a simple interface which is easy to navigate?

7. Can you and your team use the CRM on the go?

8. Can the CRM be customized to suit your needs?

9. What would be the annual cost of the CRM?

10. Would the CRM integrate with the current software products you use?

11. Would your sales people be able to perform multiple sales activities like follow ups, customer interactions & quoting?


9 Questions to ask while evaluating a CRM vendor:

1. How well does the vendor understand your business and sales cycle?

2. Is the vendor able to address your business concerns?

3. Does the vendor give you a guided demo? What is your feed back after the demo? How is the first hand buying experience?

4. What are the CRM provider’s market credentials?

5. How is the after sales support? Does the vendor provide online or phone support?

6. What is the support response time?

7. What would be the duration needed to implement the CRM?

8. Would the CRM vendor provide payment options?

9. Would the CRM vendor provide your employees with training and the required documentation to understand the CRM?



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