6 Reasons Why Buy A CRM For Real Estate

You know that look on your customer’s face when they’re buying their dream home? Wouldn’t you want to have more and more of these happy faces? You sure do, it’ll be great for your business!

So if you want to make your business a landmark in the Real Estate market, use a CRM. It makes a huge difference. Need some concrete reasons as to why you should buy a CRM? Here you go:

1. Get more bookings: A CRM can help you stay afloat of what’s going on in your Real Estate business and strategize plans accordingly. Plus flawless follow-up tools help you pursue more leads, get more site visits and eventually get more flats booked!

2. Streamline, automate & monitor all sales & follow-up Processes: Follow-up modules help make your brokers, sales people and agents more productive and diligently do follow-ups. The ease of sending & scheduling emails, calls and sms. Your sales teams can handle a marginally handsome number of leads and you can view their entire communication history. The ability to execute marketing mailing campaigns are a bonus!
So you can reach-out more without having to worry more.

3. Landscape view of your business & Property Management: Know literally every detail of the sales of your Real Estate business. The dashboard and reports in CRM let you leave no stone unturned when it comes to know how each property, project, building is performing in terms of revenue inflow. This lets you enjoy direct access to every stage of the buying cycle i.e from site visits, bookings, loans and registrations to managing sales people and brokers.

You get to know why you’re getting (or not getting) more business with specific reasons.

4. Sell more flats faster:  Fasten your lead conversion rate with fool-proof follow-up systems and compelling quotations. Win more leads and scale faster with a CRM software that can scale with your company.

5. Know if your sales people & agents are justifying their pays / incentives: Assign leads to sales people and agents . Spot how each one is selling and how much revenue each sales person, broker or agent is bringing in. A CRM solution easily lets you analyze their salary justification.

6. Set, monitor & achieve sales targets: Set sales targets a) Sales person-wise and b) Unit-wise for any desired period. Eg: Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, etc. Monitor the daily sales and identify your strong and weak sales performers. Analyze your property sales with detailed real-time reports.

Resources on Real Estate CRM:

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6. Sign up for a Real Estate CRM Software Demo

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Reached that happy place in your mind where you’re practically minting money? Get a hold of yourself & also of a Real Estate CRM. 😉

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