Manage sales teams effectively for Hotel business with CRM

Manpower management, Hotel businesses & CRM:

The stereotypical quote, “Employees are the brand ambassadors of their Hotels” could possibly be something that you need to read into. It is of prime importance that your employees have a  clear understanding of their schedules & reporting patterns. Hotel businesses in UK, U.S.A, The Middle East, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. have excellent standards of customer experiences because they resort to technologies that help them perform their responsibilities smoothly. One reason why businesses from the hospitality sector are using Hotel CRM to improve their employee management, sales and business growth.

The user module in Hotel CRM enables Hotel businesses to assign tasks, keep track of schedules, reporting rights and also permission to access important data. 


User Module

– Add new users in the system.
– Add and modify hierarchy of users.
– Grant access permissions to various crm modules.
– Also, categorize the users as per their departments, branches and designations.


10 Things You Can Do In Users Module

1. You can add specific contact details of users & assign a role.

2. You can view all the user details.

3. You can map & manage the user hierarchy.

4. You can do the following from the List Users module:
– Edit Profile
– Change Permission
– Generate & Send Password
– View User Hierarchy
– Add Department
– Add Designation
– Reporting Rights


Explore the wonders a Hotel CRM can do for your business with a demo.

Know more on Hotel CRM here on our blog. 🙂

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