6 Key Features of IT CRM Software

Having served 200+ clients and providing CRM for several industries, our team has listed a few important features and functionalities required by IT organizations. You can view our clients!

Yes, solution providers also face problems and it is a well known fact that the best solution providers have always overcome hurdles and complexities. They have simplified the complex. A CRM software does exactly the same for the IT businesses. A CRM software streamlines and simplifies all the intertwined day to day activities that are practised on a regular basis. IT help maintain a storage and database of all the clients, leads, products, services and organisation details, provides reports and insights into the business generating activities and provides a stronger threshold to take important business calls.

Though these pointers listed aren’t in any order of importance, they will make your search for a CRM Software easier and fruitful.

Some features of CRM for IT Industry:

1. Centralised storage of data & contacts

2. Quality CRM Integration

3. Customisable & Flexible Architecture

4. Online and central hosting

5. Strong & streamlined communication

6. Set service & payment reminders to clients & employees

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Resources on IT CRM:

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2.Download Checklist for Buying IT CRM

3.Download Top 15 Features of IT CRM Software

4.Sign up to view Reports in IT CRM Software

5.Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of IT CRM

6. Sign up for IT CRM Software Demo


Knowing the features is just the beginning, what comes next with a CRM will blow your mind. If you need more to read about a CRM for IT industry, our IT CRM category has a lot offer.

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