10 Sales Boosting Tips With a Jewellery CRM

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We’re sharing some ways how you can speed-up your Jewellery business’ sales. Read on.   

10 sales boosting tips with a jewellery crm

10 Sales boosting tips with a Jewellery CRM


1. Have a well informed & updated staff who can sell smart:

A Jewellry crm’s central storage helps all your showroom sales executives stay updated about all the products, clients and know the minutest details needed to make a sales faster. This lets your sales team meet with the customer’s tastes precisely and sell smart.


2. Track and convert a higher probability of leads:

All the leads that come in from various sources such as advertisements, hoardings, email marketing, etc. can be stored, tracked and targeted more effectively. The convenience of calling & mailing via the crm system enhances the probability of getting more showroom visits and subsequent conversions.


3. Magnify productivity & get a complete view of your sales people’s activities:

Knowing is an important aspect for every business. A Jewellery crm dashboard and intelligent reports let you know what is each employee doing in terms of sales and conversions in real time.
In short, spot your star performers and increase the productivity of all your sales people and sell more faster.


4. Market your products and send updates of new collections:

Attract more customers with new and exciting collections through target drip marketing campaigns. Creating a need and filling the need gap effectively ensures higher customer retention value.

5. Maintain purchase records of all of clients:
Having a client history helps you keep a tab on all your customers and bank on / leverage them to connect the dots about your consumers’ behaviour. The resilient storage of a Jewellery crm will give you the benefit of this with the ease of quick access.  

6. Drive sales with targets for your sales people and business: Set sales targets, maintain a record of all sales done. Get updates on sales targets achieved and pending for the set month, quarter, half-year, year, etc.


7. Have more best sellers:
Reports generated in a Jewellery crm enable you to use concrete figures to analyze, categorize what are the best selling and worst selling Jewellery products. You can optimize the showcase space of your showroom and sell more!


8. Increase return customers and boost lasting client relations:
Having a centrally stored database of all the client contact and purchase details keeps your customers in the loop. This invariably helps create more opportunities for your sales team to cross sell jewellery to customers.
9. Efficiently manage multiple Jewellery showroom outlets:
An added benefit of using a Jewellery crm is you can collaborate all your data, right from sales person updates and sales to forecasts on it’s  central storage.

10. Have a more definitive & less tentative scope of growth: Maintaining a microscopic view and planning strategically is an inevitable part of business success and a crm system provides you with the evident power to seamlessly do the same.

You can monitor, analyze and organize your plan of action using real time reports to know –

– Your business revenue for the desired period (month, quarter, year, etc.),

– Every sales person’s contribution to achieving the sales target,
– The outcome from your marketing campaigns

– Your high value products and assets

– Your enterprise’s possible growth for the times to come


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