5 Key CRM reports for your Education business

If you’re a business owner you’ll agree that you care about your business like your child. Remember your parents wanting to know what’s on your report card? A bitter memory for many folks, but hey avoid cringing your face as that was one assuring way for your parents to know you weren’t just beating up kids on the school playground but also in academics!

What’s the connect with us? Well you still need substantial reports to know how if your sales is whipping up the competition for your business. Head here to see how a crm can enlighten you with real time reports.


5 key crm reports for education business

1. Sales Forecast Report:

Sales forecasts for the month, quarter, year, etc. help you make winning strategies and reflect on your organization’s & sales team’s strengths and weaknesses.

 education crm sales forecast report

2. Sales person-wise Target Achieved:

Know how each sales executive is performing. These reports help you spot your best and worst sales people. They also help you analyze, restructure and implement corrective steps in your sales marketing campaigns.

You can get more reports for product-wise / service-wise performance analysis in the Education crm demo.

education crm sales person wise target achieved

3. Lead Stage Report – Valuations

Lets you know which leads (revenue-wise) are in what stage of your sales pipeline so you can devise your plan of action for respective sections of your sales process. You can also get more lead reports sales person-wise, product-wise, branch-wise, region-wise, etc. to help you make well informed decisions.

education crm lead stage valuations report

4. Lead Priority Report – Valuations

Get valuations of leads to track, analyze and prioritize all your sales follow-ups to service leads (students) better and get admissions faster.

education crm lead prioirty report

5. Sales Target Achieved Report (Yearly)

Instantly shows your organization’s set sales targets and performance for the current and previous years.

education crm sales target achieved reportResources on CRM Software for Education Industry:

1. Download Buyer’s Guide for Education CRM Software 

2. Download Top Features for Education CRM Software

3. Education CRM Features and Functionalities Infographic

4. Sign up to view Reports in Education CRM 

5. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of Education CRM 

6. Sign up for an Education CRM Demo


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This booklet is a glimpse, have a complete look at all the crm reports here!

Or you could head to our Education CRM category for more. 🙂


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