7 Must Dos Before Buying A Real Estate CRM

There are a zillion write-ups to convince you to buy a crm but few that will that will share with you the crux that you need to do before buying one. Just like you handle an enquiring customer from start to end we’d like to do the same for you! Boosting your business with a crm will remain a far-cry if you fail to nail the seeding.

A CRM can be the building blocks of your business.

Like a house, a crm is a one-time investment and it’s important to get it right in the first time. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of a crm:

1. Be open to explore options: Explore at least 3-5 crm vendors who can provide real estate crm systems with competitive features. Check for their credibility, market reputation, views and references. Avoid compromising on any of these as this is the key to how your buying and crm experience will be.

Even if you’re in discussions with a CRM vendor don’t rush into signing any agreements or cheques.

2. Make everyone aware of your decision: Discuss your decision about buying a real estate crm with your business partners, directors, sales teams and agents. Make them aware about your need & strategy and the benefits your Real Estate business will gain by using a crm. Your sales teams and agents need to understand that a real estate crm is something for them and not something being forced on them. Clear the air and save yourself any discrepancies.

3. Choose your Hosting option: Be sure to have chosen a hosting option that best suits your requirement. You can choose from these:

a. Cloud Hosting – The crm vendor hosts the crm on their server.
b. Server Hosting – The crm software is hosted on your server.
If you prefer one time purchases, you could choose a server hosting.

4. Involve your sales teams in the process: Knowing is different from believing. Knowing maximum utilization will be determined by your teams adoption. This is crucial for your crm to be a success.

How will your sales teams practice optimizing their efficiency with a crm? Here are some ways:

a) Making them aware that a crm solution will serve as a simplifier for their day-to-day sales and customer-facing activities.

b)  Train your employees about all the functionings of the software.

You can drastically quicken the stepping stones of using a CRM.

This will ensure quicker CRM adoption and better productivity for your sales teams and agents.

5. Customize the flow of the real estate crm to be same as that of your business sales process: Every house owner buys a home according to their family size,  requirements and preferences. Similarly, you would want to buy a crm that can scale according to your business, team size, business sales flow and other preferences for smoother functioning. A real estate crm that’s specifically made to suit your business needs, simplify your document collection process and give you inside-out information about your real estate business.

6. Get the integrations done with the software you use: The very basic thing for a hassle-free crm experience is that it integrates with your accounting and other processing softwares or whichever softwares required.

7. Decide how you’re going to measure your ROI from the Real Estate CRM: It is very important to know the returns you’ve gained once you invest in buying something. Hence, it’s suggested to device a system to analyze what is your Return On Investment (ROI) from your real estate crm. One clear indicator would the ratio of how much new business you’ve won with the expenditure you’ve done on maintaining the crm.

Once you’ve sorted these concerns, a delightful crm experience will be a reality!

Like you see a sample flat to get a feel, you can take our demo to see what it’s like.

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