7 Reasons For Buying An Insurance CRM

What differentiates eagles from crows? They fly higher, spot their targets and hunt them spot-on! Even though insurance is contradictory to an eagle’s hunt, learning from this approach is no harm. Infact, it could actually get your sales teams more focused because some mix and match always helps you stir-up the best!

But an approach is a point A and your increasing clientele is your point B. Something that can make this journey and be your medium to fly to success is a crm.

Here are some reasons to buy a crm:

1. Set, monitor & achieve sales targets: Setting goals is always the most crucial task, getting this right and having all your employees streamlined with their sales targets is crucial for every business. A crm primarily helps you take the first firm steps towards achieving all this! You can set targets for your organization and sales teams for the desired month, quarter, year, etc.

2. Allocate leads and manage data access: What increases the chances of closing a deal? Client satisfaction would be the prompt answer, but how is this possible when your lead / client isn’t satisfied? Ever lost a hot lead due to having the wrong person assigned?
A CRM gives you the power to manually or automatically allocate the right sales person to service and follow-up for the respective lead. This lets you put your best foot forward while pitching your policy / services.
A CRM enables you to allocate leads to sales representatives and agents while having a reporting system set in place.
You can further analyze how your allocation can become more of a profitable practice by analyzing reports. You also get to decide who sees what data.

3. Streamline, automate & monitor all sales & follow-up  processes: Precision and punctuality are two aces that can always win your client over! Wishful thinking? No… a crm will help make your sales teams and agents on-point with their follow-ups by scheduling calls, mails and sms and addressing the right concern with respect to the lead by referring updated notes on the crm system. They’ll literally never miss a lead follow-up, thanks to the reminders that’ll go off. 😉
Your sales employees will be able to potentially increase your company’s chances of clocking more business with diligent follow-ups. And you’ll stay in the loop about every follow-up with a communication record.

4. Get more clients on-board: What wins clients? Knowing what your customers want and providing what they want. An insurance crm will be your means to work every complex aspect of this simple theory right from lead management, sales team management to client follow-up and servicing.

So there is something that can promise you longevity!

5. Eagle-eye view of your business, Policy, Partner & Agent Management: A CRM dashboard is quite similar to a control room! Well those are graphical, but a crm can let you have an overall view of your business activities through in-depth reports and real-time updates by your employees. It lets you discover different scenarios occurring in your business life-cycle.
You can categorize, monitor and strategize your partner’s and sales teams’ revenue generating activities. Plus, you also get to analyze why your deals are going south (if & when they do).

6. Monitor sales performance sales people & agents: Have difficulty spotting which employees deserve that pat on the back and those which need to be brought on track? It seems like finding a needle in a haystack but a crm  makes this amazingly simple with daily performance reports.
Now no one in your sales team will ever get laxed when they’ll know someone’s watching.

7. Manage incentives of Sales Teams and agents: A CRM will save hours of your accounting team’s by the provision of incentive management. All you’ll need to do is set your incentive system into the crm and that’s it!

Resources for Insurance CRM:

1. Download CRM Buyer’s Guide for Insurance Industry

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7. Sign up to view Reports in Insurance CRM Software

8. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of CRM 

9. Sign up for an Insurance CRM Software Demo

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An Insurance CRM will help you master the art of flying high with performance. So if want to have that A-team that brings in the greens, click here!

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