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Since we’ve catered to various industries and have a CRM software, we all know that one shoe does not fit all! So we’ve launched a dedicated section for CRM for Insurance Industry.

What is Insurance CRM?

‘Insurance CRM’ frequently used term which has two implications, i) The on-ground relationship management and ii) The on-software management. An Insurance CRM software is a solution’s software which stores business data, contacts and provides means to monitor and comprehend the business growth while reducing work-load for employees and magnifying productivity.

The Insurance industry landscape in India:

The Indian Insurance industry comprises of various insurance provider enterprises for wide ranging insurance categories. The Indian Insurance industry sees a huge number of companies from the private as well as public sector and has sold above 350 million policies. The Indian insurance industry being one of the largest world-wide promises a higher penetration level across various markets. It also is looking at a hike in it’s contribution towards the GDP.


All about CRM Software for Insurance Industry:

1. Resources for CRM Software for Insurance Industry

2. Reports in CRM Software for Insurance Industry

3. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of CRM Software for Insurance Industry

4. Step-wise guide to buy a CRM Software for Insurance Industry

We hope you found this blog resourceful, we strive to collate information from the domain expertise and industry knowledge that our team has gained over the years and share it with you.

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