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Since we’ve catered to various industries and have a CRM software, we all know that one shoe does not fit all! So we’ve launched a dedicated section for CRM for Jewellery business.

What is Jewellery CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is an emphasized term used to address to customer relation management and smooth functioning of businesses and employees. CRM can be an on-ground real action or an on-software set of methods and tools to store client data, streamline communications and magnify productivity and efficiency.

The Indian Jewellery industry:

The jewellery industry in India has escalated from being a traditional business to being a cutting-edge sector in the Indian economy. The Indian Jewellery and gems industry being an extensively export oriented and labor intensive contributes 6-7% of GDP. The Indian Jewellery and gems industry has become a highly valued and cultured one and is seen as a global exporter to raise approximately 35 billion US$ this year. The Jewellery industry also serves as an asset to the Indian economy considering it’s prime role in FEE (Foreign Exchange Earnings).


All about CRM Software for Jewellery business:

1. Resources for CRM Software for Jewllery business

2. Reports in CRM Software for Jewellery business

3. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of CRM Software for Jewellery business

4. Step-wise guide to buy a CRM Software for Jewellery business

We hope you found this blog resourceful, we strive to collate information from the domain expertise and industry knowledge that our team has gained over the years and share it with you.

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