Track, follow-up and manage leads for Banking business

Everyone’s always running to banks whether physically or digitally and there’s a lot happening at your bank every single day. How do you reduce your lead drop-off percentage with tons of walk-ins and enquiries? Our booklet shows you the best possible shot at getting more leads converted with superlative lead management.


booklet on banking crm for lead management


Do you face problems in your Banking business to manage leads and track sales follow-ups?

If yes, knowing these would be your main concerns:

– What is the source of the walk-in enquiries? / From where are the lead enquiries sourcing?

– Enquiries of walk-in prospects from which source are getting more account openings done?

– Which sales executive is converting more customers?

– Which sales person is not following-up prospects appropriately?

– Are all enquiries in the branch being followed-up regularly?

– How many enquiries is each sales executive handling?


How can a Banking CRM help you solve this problem?

-The ‘Lead Module’ lets you add contact and account requirement details of prospects

– Assign leads manually / automatically to sales executives

– Monitor sales follow-ups of every sales executives

– Get real time reports to know the leads, sales follow-ups, leads converted, time taken by each sales person to convert leads on a daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly basis.


Resources on Banking CRM Software:

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2. Download Top Features for Banking CRM Software
3. Sign up to view Reports in Banking CRM Software
4. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of Banking CRM Software
5. Sign up for a Banking CRM Demo


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