Can Media & Advertising CRM carry profits & productivity?

can media and advertising crm carry profits and productivity


Looking for ways to reel in more business? How about trying the classic method of strengthening the core!

Maximizing your team’s efficiency is what you need to overcome en route the way to reaching a higher revenue benchmark. If you’re aiming to kill these two birds might as well do it with one stone, get a crm.


booklet can media and advertising crm carry profits and productivity


1. Effectively set, monitor and achieve sales targets:

A crm lets you set sales targets both revenue-wise and sales person-wise for any desired period. So you can monitor the sales targets being achieved for the month, quarter, half a year, year, etc. This gives you clarity in setting future targets on the basis of sales achieved and pending.


2. Import leads, create a lead hub & track them:

You could have leads coming in from several sources either online or offline. A media & advertising crm gives you the advantage of having all this rich data stored in a secure hub for present and future usage.


3. Get smarter teamwork, share and allocate leads:

You can have lucrative deals converted by having multiple sales people service the same lead. What if all aren’t on the same page?! You would lose business; a crm reduces this challenge by showing updates of every follow-up done, every lead status update, etc.

Using a crm will let you gain more productivity from every asset in your sales team.


4. Follow-up leads seamlessly:

Not failing to follow-up a lead is prime for getting more business. Using a media & advertising crm, your sales people will never miss a lead! They can simply set reminders for follow-up calls, emails and meetings.

Impressing your leads would be the least worrisome task as the crm dashboard will give your sales people quick access to precise lead details, preferences and follow-up updates.


5. Send more potent quotations for higher conversion probabilities:

Quickly creating, saving, approving and sending exact quotations using a crm. Getting past the pitching stage becomes rapid and lucid for your client as well as your sales people.

Plus, you can get sales forecasts in the crm to maneuver your business in the best direction!
6. Increase your outreach through email campaigns:

‘Spreading the word’ in the Media & Advertising space is always needed. A crm lets you easily send out buzz words through email marketing campaigns. More the reach, more the leads!


7. Always know your sales performance trends:

You can be a step ahead if you’ve a clear vision about what’s happening in your business!

The dashboard and detailed reports in the crm system give you all the important information you need about:
– Revenue-wise sales targets
– Sales person-wise targets
– Leads & their stages
– Follow-ups
– Quotations
– Forecasts
– Clients

Get a lot more so you can read between the lines and strategize.


8. Simplify sales processes with easy data access:

Even a second saved in any monotonous task can save you precious minutes and hours! The smart crm dashboard and central storage makes it more efficient for your sales people to do their regular sales tasks to get improved productivity.
There’s a lot more that you can do with a Media & Advertising CRM, try our demo or contact us.


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