The 10 benefits of using a Manufacturing CRM

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Testing the waters before you actually get started is a classic way of taking progressive steps. So if the idea of buying a crm for your manufacturing business has come across your high acumen business mind, cheers! Great thought! By the time you’re through with this post you’ll know your next step.


booklet 10 benefits of using a manufacturing crm


1. Aim, fire and shoot your sales targets:

Set sales targets for any desired period for your enterprise and sales people. This gives you complete authority to aggressively go after what you’ve set out to do, achieve!


2. Know all your leads, lead sources and how fast you’ll convert them:

A crm is capable of collecting all your lead data and displaying it within seconds. You can track leads, know their stages and status, see if they’re being followed-up. If a quotation has been sent, you’ll always know! It’s incredibly easy to know what part of your sales cycle the lead is in.

3. Master the art of follow-ups:

Master this and accelerate conversion rates. All your sales people would need to do is set reminders into the crm for follow-ups (calls, mails, meetings, etc.) and your sales people will never miss a lead!

An added benefit is you get to see the follow-ups done by each sales person and also know the outcome of each one.


4. Simplify quotations, magnify your conversions:

Sometimes your clients receive quotes on time, sometimes they don’t , sometimes they’re sent the same quote twice, sometimes their quotations are never followed-up and you’ve lost a lead.

A crm covers you in almost every such scenario, your sales people can send accurate, timely and internally approved quotations to leads. This way no lead is ever lost in transit!


5. Monitor and experience all the sales activities anytime:

It would be incredibly skilful to know

– What are the driving factors for winning / losing business?,
– How well are your sales executives and agents performing?,
– How much business can you expect in the future?, etc.

Anytime, anywhere you can know what’s happening in sales as a manufacturing crm’s dashboard serves as your gateway to enhancing the sales process.


6. Know the frequency and speed of your business growth:

You’ve possibly felt the prick of losing prospective business as an enterprise owner! All this can be spotted, prevented and rectified to get more awareness, efficiency, productivity and profits by devising dextrous plans using a smart crm dashboard and intelligent reports.

You can pivot your business according to the currents of your sales without any blind corners. 🙂


7. Spot your best and worst sales performers:

When there’s a lot of business coming in or when there isn’t enough, you need to know your A-game sales people as well as your slow coaches. The crm provides regular reports so you know which sales person needs a pat and which one needs re-routing.


8. Store & keep track of your warehouse data:

You can get a detailed count and display of each and every product’s details. Plus, you can at all times know the stock available at your warehouse.


9. Be data rich, maintain contacts and client data centrally:

Losing contact details and client data isn’t just a taxing loss but an embarrassing one! A crm system has a central storage system which proves its resilience by saving all your client data, lead data and contact details.


10. Customize to your convenience:

You can customize the manufacturing crm to precisely align with your sales flow. Customize and see the crm unveil maximum efficiency for your business!


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