Maximize lead follow-up efficiency with CRM for Automotive business

Follow ups, Automotive businesses & CRM:

Your automotive business may have hundreds of leads & clients in the system ranging in various stages of sales funnel. A lot of important messages like arrival of new products / services, etc. are needed to be conveyed to them on time from the right person. Here comes the need for automation of follow ups.

An Automotive CRM is the one stop solution to faster follow ups! It improves the speed of follow ups, up-selling & cross selling activities.

Follow up Modules: Calls, Emails, Meetings, SMS

– Make and Schedule follow-up calls, emails, sms and meetings with leads, clients, vendors, etc.

– Update details of calls and meetings done with leads, clients and vendors.

– Set sms & email reminders for follow-ups, calls and meetings.

15 Things You Can Do In Calls Module

1. You can select a date & time to schedule follow-up calls with leads and clients.
2. You can add reasons and assign tags to calls. Eg: important, very important, etc.
3. You can get an sms or email reminder for calls so that you or your sales people do not miss to follow-up with leads and clients.
4. You can also assign calls to sales people under you.
5. You can view your entire teams today’s calls, pending calls, scheduled calls, calls done.
6. You can update what’s discussed on call and delete calls
7. You can update the call status. E.g: Did not pick-up, busy, not reachable, switched off, not interested, in a meeting, call back after sometime, etc.
8. You can schedule a call / meeting / email as discussed over the call.
9. You can do the following while updating calls in List Calls:
– Schedule meetings as discussed on the call.
– Send / Schedule emails
– Schedule follow-up calls & sms to leads
– Add notes as discussed on the call – Update call status i.e . Interested, no answer, etc.
– Close a call
10. You can keep a track of calls made by sales people / users to know what’s exactly going on in sales follow-up.



With so many benefits, we are sure you might be excited to see the Automotive CRM in the flesh. Sign up for a demo here!

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