Mint higher profits and productivity with Automotive CRM!

Want to be the next Willy wonka factory? Just not the one making chocolate but minting money!

We came across Edmund’s post on ‘8 reasons to buy from the top sales person’. Interesting, if was how buyers behaved, but now the need is more and quicker. So if every sales person at your showroom is top notch, you’ll be in for a win-win and there’s a fazzillion reasons to buy from you. Let’s go on and confuse your customers with excellence. 😉

1. Maximize follow-up efficiency:

The sole secret to getting familiarized and trust building is through the bridge of follow-ups! The more and effective the higher your chances of making a sale. With an automotive crm, your sales team can easily do follow-up calls and meetings, set reminders for calls, meetings and emails.

Set reminders to follow-up with customers who would possibly be interested in buying after 6 months or even more! Because let’s face it, a customer’s desires aren’t ever going to be aligned with your sales targets and deadlines.


2. Accelerate deal closures:

Knowing your customer’s wants helps you induce better outcomes for sentimental purchases. Having responsive service at a showroom always impresses buyers. An automotive crm gives you an alpha benefit, your showroom executive

s aren’t just responsive but also well informed about your prospective buyers’ vehicle preferences. You save time, win brownie points from faster sales and enjoy a highly productive sales team.

All they’ll need to do is access the centrally located lead data and know-
1. What is the buyer’s purchasing power?
2. What kind of car / bike is the buyer looking for?
3. Which brand loyalty does the buyer have?
4. When was the last follow-up?
5. What was the outcome of the last follow-up?
and much more!
Knowing all these can help your sales executives stay a step ahead and make any strategic changes in their pitch.
3. Induce premium customer experiences:

Familiarize with customer behaviour, enlighten & implement premium experiences.Your enterprise can actually hold the key to lasting customer relationships. An automotive crm gives your sales team the gateway to give every customer a personalized feel and excellent customer services.

4. Observe Sales crystal clear:

Intelligent crm reports give you insights into several factors that are positively and negatively affecting your vehicle sales.


5. Overhead time to attract more business:

If your sales team and showroom executives are wasting precious time to find even more precious specifications it’s twice the loss for you. An automotive crm can automate sales processes and serve client data in seconds, meaning more sales time!

Every second saved will win you more time to pursue more leads and attract more purchases.


6. Keep in touch with existing customers through emails and market your newly launched vehicles. Build value and maintain clients by staying in touch with clients and know how your car / bike sold is faring in the after sales.
There’s more on how you can benefit from an automotive crm, contact us!

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