6 Key Features Of Import Export CRM

Having served 200+ clients and providing CRM for several industries, our team has listed a few important features and functionalities required by the Import Export industry. You can view our clients!

Export import businesses are no different from the stipulated structure and would essentially have the similar hierarchy of board members, directors, regional managers that make the responsible decisions and the sales teams that generate sales and pursue leads. They deal with various companies, businesses and corporates and provide their services across various geographical zones as well as domestically. A export and import business would generally have a huge channel of clients and teams and would face concerns about managing and storing their big data and observing measurable and figurative pictures in real-time.

Though these pointers listed aren’t in any order of importance, they will make your search for a CRM Software easier and fruitful.

Some features of CRM for the Import Export Industry:

1. Centralized lead database

2. Strong CRM Integration

3. Categorize & group prospects

4. Track & Manage policies

5. Monitor sales: branch-wise, sales person-wise, etc.

6. Automated communication

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Resources on CRM for Import Export industry:

1.Download Buyer’s Guide for Import Export CRM Software

2.Download Checklist for Buying Import Export CRM Software

3.Download Top 13 Features of CRM for Import Export

4.Sign up to view Reports in CRM for Import Export

5.Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of CRM for Import Export

6. Sign up for Import Export CRM Software Demo

Knowing the features is just the beginning, what comes next with a CRM will blow your mind. If you need more to read about a CRM, our Import Export CRM category has a lot offer.


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