7 Things To Do Before Buying An Insurance CRM

Getting a CRM is surely one of the best investments you’ll be doing for your business! Are those “You don’t need a crm” blogs online making you susceptible about the success rate of an insurance crm? Here are some pointers that can help you make sure that a crm system will be a good bargain for your business!

1. Explore options in vendors: Be open to checking to other vendors who are willing to offer equally competent crms. Check for credibility, references and market reputation of the vendor. Compromising on any of these wouldn’t be a smart idea.

2. Inform & get an update from everyone: Bring in members from every part of your company’s hierarchy to bring clarity about the need, your strategy & benefits of buying an insurance crm. This will save your higher officials from looking at a crm as a liability & your sales people at it as a burden. This will begin your crm journey on an assertive note!

3. Pick your Hosting option wisely: Choose a hosting option that could best suit your functionings: You can choose from these:

a. Cloud Hosting – The crm vendor hosts the crm on their server.
b. Server Hosting – The crm software is hosted on your server.
If you prefer one time purchases, you could choose a server hosting.

4. Involve your sales teams in the process: Your crm adoption will be much more smoother if your team members are open to learning and using a crm.

How will you help your sales teams do so? Here are some ways:

a) Making them aware that a crm solution will serve as a simplifier for their day-to-day sales and customer-facing activities.

b)  Train your employees about all the functioning of the software.

You can drastically quicken the conversion and operations once this phase is cleared.

5. Customize the flow of the insurance crm to be same as that of your insurance business sales process: Isn’t it simpler when you shift from using a computer when your phone has the same interface? Similarly, getting the business sales process replicated in your insurance crm will enhance your user experience and improve your efficiency.

Just like a health insurance can reflect a person’s health concerns, a crm can reflect your business flow. All you need to do is customize!

6. Get the integrations done with the software you use: Ensure that you’ve frozen that the crm will integrate with your accounting and other processing softwares or whichever softwares required.

7. Devise a plan to measure your ROI from the Insurance CRM: Having your plan in place will help you quickly know your Return On Investment (ROI) from your insurance crm. One clear indicator would be the ratio of how much new business you’ve won with the expenditure you’ve done on maintaining the crm.

Get these things done and your smooth crm experience is not too far away!

Resources for Insurance CRM:

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5. Download Booklet on Sales Target Management For Insurance CRM

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7. Sign up to view Reports in Insurance CRM Software

8. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of CRM 

9. Sign up for an Insurance CRM Software Demo

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