Factsheet on Hotel CRM

The Indian Hotel industry being a part of the travel & tourism sector has shown a differentiated trend for the last year. Despite of the stunted revenue growth and a slow third quarter previously, new initiatives like Make In India, E-visa and Digital India will seem to benefit the hotel businesses this year.

Hotel businesses will face fierce competition not just from competing hotelier businesses but also from online travel agents (OTAs) or travel portals.

In short, this year will be rewarding for the hotel industry in India provided their sales teams out-do OTAs in terms of catering to what their audiences are searching to delighting them with immaculate services.

All we can do is wish you the best! … or we could actually help you achieve your goal of making your hotel business a giant! Want to know how? Read our factsheet on Hotel CRM features & functionalities.

Factsheet On CRM For Hotel Business

Resources on Hotel CRM Software:

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4. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of Hotel CRM
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