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Ever got this response from a friend or colleague who just got back from a holiday? “They charged us for king size beds and jacuzzis with a beach view but there was none! The stay dampened our holiday spirit.” A bad accommodation can leave a customer with qualms and that is something no travel oriented business wants!

The very primal feature of any perfect travel experience is the stay. It’s actually a fine string on which travel businesses majorly focus on.

Here’s a hotel booking software that will help you improve the efficiency of managing hotel bookings, commissions, payment schedules, sales aspects and more:


Top 9 Features Of the Hotel Booking Software:

1. Add & know all your hotel’s details: Feed and get complete details of each hotel you book rooms from.

2. Know all the room and banquet categories: Book room and banquets that suit your client’s preferences with precise knowledge about their respective categories and specifications.

3. Efficient contact management for companies, hotels and clients: Get central storage and quick access to client’s , companies’ and hotel’s contact details

4. Manage agent commissions effectively: Decide and handle commission payments of all agents without any hassles.

5. Know & Manage every booking status: Have in-depth and updated knowledge about your business at every booking status.

6. Get commission sheets for successful bookings and payments: Know all the payments received and generate commission sheets accordingly.

7. Easily create and edit invoices according to the status of bookings: Manage and edit invoices at desired booking status.

8. Send notifications and reminders to clients: Effectively communicate with clients for reminders of payments and notifications for respective reasons.

9. Know the specifics of your revenue & commission: Get in depth intel about your revenue from bookings, hotels and your revenue coming from hotels.


4 Things To do before buying a hotel booking software:

1. Research and compare at least 3 software vendors.

2. Rope in your sales team for the decision making process of the software:

3. Pick a hosting option that suits you best.

a. Cloud Hosting – The vendor hosts the crm on their secure server.
b. Server Hosting – The crm software is hosted on your server.

4. Devise a plan for ensuring software usage by your employees.


Resources on Travel CRM:

1. Download Travel CRM Software Buyer’s Guide
2. Download Top Features for Travel CRM Software
3. Download Infographic on Features & Functionalities of Travel CRM
4. Sign up to view Reports in Travel CRM Software
5. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of Travel CRM Software
6. Sign up for a Travel CRM Software Demo

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Fortunately you don’t need to take long strides to get more happy customers! Because you’re just a software away from magnifying your sales operation’s efficiency! Click here for a demo.

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