Lead Management For Insurance Business

booklet on insurance crm for lead management


Do you face problems in managing leads and tracking sales follow-ups? 

If yes, knowing these would be your critical concerns:

– Which are the lead sources?

– Which lead source is getting more conversions?

– Which sales person / Insurance agent is converting more leads?

– Which sales person is not following-up leads appropriately?

– Are all prospective clients being followed-up regularly?


How can an Insurance CRM help you solve this problem?

-The ‘Lead Module’ lets you add contact and have a smarter, more precise requirement gathering process for leads

– Assign leads manually or automatically to sales people / agents

– Monitor sales follow-ups of every sales person / insurance agent

– Get real time reports to know the follow-up and conversion reports daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, etc.

– Let your sales team set reminders and follow-up precisely using an equipped console of tools.


Resources for Insurance CRM:

1. Download CRM Buyer’s Guide for Insurance Industry
2. Download Top Features of Insurance CRM Software
3. Download Checklist For Buying Insurance CRM Software
4. Download Infographic on Features & Functionalities of Insurance CRM
5. Sign up to view Reports in Insurance CRM Software
6. Hosting, security, compatibility, integration and customization details of CRM 


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