Detailed information on Jewellery CRM – Part 1


Purpose of this blog post on Jewellery CRM:

To help you know everything about a Jewellery CRM in a simple & smart manner.


Why should you read this?

If you want to:


– Manage & achieve higher targets of Jewellery sales

– Convert enquiries actively

– Make sales follow-ups efficient

– Know every stepping stone for your business


When should you read this?

– While assessing vendors & softwares for buying Jewellery CRM

– Wanting to expand your business

– Planning on automating sales processes


CRM for Jewellery industry ( India, Australia, U.S.A, U.K, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.)

Jewellery businesses on international waters like the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. have rapidly embraced CRM to provide efficiency & higher revenue generation. Be it retail showrooms or market trading companies, the increasing radar of online markets has made it more competitive to sustain & broaden their market. This is also a major reason why Jewellery businesses in India are beginning to use CRM solutions for Jewellery.


This blog post is an initiative to give you a clear picture about a Jewellery CRM & how to buy it.


We’ve specially curated a collection of CRM rich information from 5 of our blogs to simplify your research & buying experience.   


1. Infographic on Jewellery CRM features in a business flow

You get a gist of the all modules in the crm & also understand how precisely it can synchronize with your business cycle.


2. 5 Key reports for Jewellery business

A quick summary of all the figurative data you’d need to get to factual conclusions & smarter implications.

  1. Sales Forecast Report:
  2. Sales person-wise Target Achieved:
  3. Lead Stage Report – Valuations
  4. Lead Priority Report – Valuations
  5. Sales Target Achieved Report (Yearly)


3. Lead Management for Jewellery business

Effective ways to tackle your sales loopholes is through lead management. More tools to help you with lead adding, follow-up, winning & retaining.


4. Factsheet on Jewellery CRM

Quick facts that get you past the pondering phase of, “to be, or not to be” with a crm.


5. How to set, monitor & achieve sales targets for Jewellery business?

A complete console that unleashes your goal setting and achieving. Get crm assistance on increasing outcomes on the revenue & productivity front.


So when you’re envisaging your business boom, we’re here to help you out! Well, at least for the sales force automation bit. Get a Jewellery CRM demo here!


For more pounding on what is a Jewellery CRM, browse here.


5 Key CRM Reports for Jewellery Business

Download 5 Key CRM Reports for Jewellery Business

10 Sales Boosting Tips with a Jewellery CRM

Download Booklet for 10 Sales Boosting Tips with a Jewellery CRM

Booklet on 100 plus Features of Jewellery CRM

Download Booklet on 100 plus Features of Jewellery CRM

Booklet on Jewellery CRM For Lead Management

Download Booklet on Jewellery business CRM For Lead Management

Buyers Guide for Jewellery CRM Software

Download Buyers Guide for Jewellery business CRM

Checklist for Buying JewelleryCRM Software

Download Checklist for Buying Jewellery CRM Software

Factsheet on CRM for Jewellery Business

Download Factsheet on CRM for Jewellery Business

Infographic on Features & Functionalities of Jewellery CRM

Download Infographic on Features & Functionalities of Jewellery CRM

Top Features of Jewellery CRM Software

Download Booklet on Top Features of Jewellery business CRM 

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