Summary of CRM for Banking Industry Part 1

Purpose of this Blog

To understand about Banking CRM integration in Sales process and it’s positive effects on business efficiency.


Why should you read this post?

If you want to

– Know your Sales reports in real time

– Monitor Sales targets at regular intervals

– Buy a CRM

– Streamline Follow ups

– Update all your sales data from a single console thus saving time


 When should you read this blog?

– Want to manage and organise lead / client data systematically

– Want to run a coordinated telemarketing campaigns

– Create goodwill among customers for quick follow ups

– Transform data into insights

– Address deviations in targets if any on timely basis


Banking CRM ( India, Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore)

Client Relationship Management holds a pivotal role in banking business. A CRM software will help you organize all your sales data from a single point. In countries like Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong,  Singapore businesses are using CRM to upgrade their productivity and revenue. India is also putting its first steps towards CRM application.

CRM, the word itself explains features of the software. But before you buy a CRM, you need to be informed thoroughly about.

Hence we have combined 5  blogs that explain how CRM can help your banking business.


1. CRM and its flow in banking business

6 important key modules which help a banking business right from setting targets, making efficient follow ups and client management.


2. 7 tips to scale your banking business with CRM

– Get lead details and requirements precisely

– Streamline and schedule follow ups

– Give best suggestions for best possible account types; saving schemes and products

– Get a complete persona of your customer and pitch effectively

– Know your best / worst sales and banking officers

– Get specific reasons for why you are winning and losing customers

– Know exactly how your each branch is performing

3. 5 key CRM reports

– Sales forecast report

– Sales person wise targets achieved

– Lead stage report – Valuations

– Lead priority report – Valuations

– Sales target report achieved (yearly)


4. How to track, follow up and manage leads in banking business

Know how a CRM can speed up your lead conversion and follow up process smoothly.


5. Banking CRM  key features and functionalities Infographic

See a comprehensive infographic on 9 CRM modules to have a clear picture of Banking CRM.

We hope this blog on Banking CRM was resourceful.

You can read more here: Banking CRM.


5 Key CRM Reports for Banking Business

Download 5 Key CRM Reports for Banking Business


Download Booklet on 7 Tips To Scale your Banking Business with a CRM


Download Booklet on 80 Plus features of Banking CRM


Download Booklet on Banking CRM for Lead Management

Booklet on Banking CRM for Sales Target Management

Download Booklet on Banking CRM for Sales Target Management

Buyers Guide for Banking CRM Software

Download Buyer’s Guide for Banking CRM Software

Checklist for Buying Banking CRM Software

Download Checklist for Buying CRM Software

Factsheet on CRM for Banking Business

Download Factsheet on CRM For Banking Business

Infographic on Features & Functionalities of Banking CRM

Download Infographic on Features & Functioning of Banking CRM

Top Features of Banking CRM Software

Download Booklet Top Features of Banking CRM Software

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